Dreaming of Chile again…

January 17, 2013

I have been reading up on Chile again…it seems to be booming, and it seems to be the perfect spot for us.  But to actually pack up and leave, that’s another story!  Such a huge decision, and you know what a great decision maker I am!  It’s scary and exciting and makes me anxious, all at the same time.  I know we should visit 1st, I really do.  And what are we going to do about the dogs!  Ack!

Mike says I am trying to talk myself out of it; maybe I am.  But this is all I’ve ever known.  I know what to do here.  I know how things are done here.  I know what’s good and what’s bad.  I like how things are done here.  I  like our culture.  I like being myself – not trying to fit in somewhere else.  Yes, the economy is changing, maybe even collapsing, but I like the culture.  I’m comfortable here.  It’s hard to imagine it ever actually changing.  I understand it’s good to get out of comfort zones, but that’s for visits and vacations – not to just jump feet 1st into the unknown.  I don’t know if i have it in me anymore.  Moving from Indy to Vegas at 22 is different than packing up a house, a kid, 2 dogs, and a life…it’s just nerve wracking because I know I WANT to do it!


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